So, you´ve heard, translations nowadays are quite a cheap stuff, hm? No work, actually, just a bit of typing? Here´s your deal.

“What, just a wordpress web page?”

Posted in Uncategorized by wn030 on April 1, 2010

…yes, but you might like it. See “About” for a short history repeating – where this page derived from, what its aims and what the reasons of its emergence were and still are.

Our slogan: “aha. so you want a translation, hm? better than google, hm? but faster than google, hm-hm? why not take a human being, then? and why not pay this human being even less than google?” – let´s call this here a Translation Market Guerilla Gardening webpage.

This is the page where you can post informations and comments about new rubbish translation job openings in the wild wild web world of “market freedom”, the rock-bottom translation market (as e.g.  Laurent KRAULAND, a translator French to German and DE>FR and some other professional translators call it)  – a page against the weeds in the professional gardening life of every translator knowing what quality work is worth and why. It is also meant as a good information platform for translation businesses who want to inform themselves about their low-quality business competitors in order to market themselves a bit better and to attempt the dicounters’ clients with an a bit better proposal. Should work.

Guerilla communication channels:

Posts rubbish translations job offers you’ve seen as comments here -> we will enter special contributions which reach us via comments as an overview into the fixed commentheader of each category page.

Comment these posts -> comments will stay untouched (enterprise spam if not posted by high quality businesses will be deleted, we´re not an ad page for low quality discount providers)

Reply to comments, and feel free to link your valuable contribution to your professional profile. Of course, “ads” of this kind are welcome, we like that – as long as you are not part of the hobby trash translation weeds deliverers.

Rest, as mentioned: see “About” and follow its link. structure roots of this page are described there.

Please note – whenever you see such a “job offer” which is – you know that – part of the destruction of this profession, of your own profession and business therefore – a “job offer” which it will be and stay  this as long as we don’t turn it to a part of self-destruction of rubbish quality delivering and therefore the destruction of their business…  if you feel this in your bones and wish to shout out your no! anonymously – feel free to do this. We care for and respect your freedom of speech just as  members of this  page’s moderation group take care for the importance of press freedom. If you prefer to be an informant  about one of the trash deliveries categories above without connecting your valuable information to any of your profiles out there in the big huge web neighborhood  – then remember you don’t have to register or enter  crucial personal data when commenting – just enter your guerilla communicating note with a fake email addess like “” – and our moderation group will care for it and release your comment. We care for the information  content and its researchable evaluation and verification, not for your personal data as long as you don’t want to take the chance and to use a digital trace of your professional life for a bit of self-promotion.




“Hi, I just dropped by. I am a translator. I have to say that – of, course, nice idea, but…”

alright, thanks a lot for your comment. check this here out, this is for you, privately, sincerely and honestly. read it. thoroughly! and don’t present yourself as a translator next time, please.


addendum 2.

“Sorry for disturbing. Actually, I’ve found this page while searching for some information… I am a fresh translation client, I have no idea what translations actually cost. I did not want to abuse anybody, was just googeling around in order to get an answer for my question… where to set a range of budget, you know. I know I’m not the person to ‘set the price’ but actually I have to know a bit what I will have to spend for this. What to plan… you know. So what are the prices, actualy, usually. I mean – I am just asking privately, you know…”

our answer: well, what about checking this here out.

and our last tip, as soon as you made your decision which quality you want.. what about a helpful quotation: “There is a very easy way to fix Proz: Proz should allow paying translators to add additional categorization in a blue board – dividing translation companies into 3 major groups. 0-6 cents – Low end bottom feeders. 7-12 cents – Medium end TAs. 13 and up – Upscale TAs. It will help very quickly to divide good and bad companies.” posted on apr2nd 2010 in a linkedin discussion by Radovan Pletka, translator and business owner. please note that a) yes, this is talking about per source language per word basis, that b) yes, this is talking about TA-rates, but you´re not a Translation Agency but a direct client, that c) R. Pletka is working with a european language and as for the rates, we can confirm them, however we’re d) NOT talking about US cents, actually. and that e) depending on the branch, business, desired quality there is a serious range in category “Upscale”.


Alright. have a good time and good luck for your business now.





Expect next updates: around Apr 3th/4th, 2010




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